Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friends, how many of us have them?? ..no really.

Lets get straight to the point.  WTF is a friend these days? Why do we gravitate to the people we call “friends”? Is it because we share similarities or is it because our differences fill the voids for each other? Is it because we genuinely care about them as a friend or is it the friendship has become so routine that not being their friend that we can’t imagine not being friends with them?  Are they the ones who will do anything to make sure we have fun, like peer pressure you into taking drugs just to make the night one to remember, (btw all of these questions also apply to relationships but that’s another entry for another day. maybe not the last one. or may so, stranger shit has happened.) Recently I feel as though the question of long lasting friendships have come up. I love my friends and when I say friends I don’t mean the people who text me once a month asking a random question, the ones who shout” I MISS YOU” on Facebook or twitter but won’t answer my text messages or the ever so often acquaintances. I’m talking about that genuine, true blue, “Girl I’m with you if they get you they get me!” Rihanna G4L style friends. Lately I’ve encountered a couple different friends.

The “Distance Friend” this is the friend that when you two are 4000 miles away there all about missing you. That is until you get home. Then they’re GHOST until you leave again and the cycle continues. Rinse wash and repeat style.

The “Its always us” friend. this is the friend that when it comes down to it, you two always end up together not even by choice, not that it matters cause you know at the end of the day it’s going to be you. Because of this you and this friend end up in the most random predicaments, once again not that it matters because you know that’s going to happen too.

The “Exempt from friend rules” friend. This is the friend that you can talk to in January and not talk to again till mid march and it’s like you never stopped talking. You and this friend are usually on two different paths in life so you excuse each other from the regular rules of friendship because you understand they have way different shit going on than you.

Lastly the “Why are we even friends?” friend. Exactly what the title of this friendship is. You have no reason why your friends with them but you just are. Not saying there is anything wrong with being there friend its just you don’t really have a reason why you guys are friends.

Is friendship is one of those unexplainable life mysteries that were never going to know the answer??? Perhaps. Maybe we just gravitate towards the people we are friends with just because. No rhyme or reason, you and I are just friends because we are. Maybe that’s the bottom line with friendships. When someone figures it out let me know, until then I’ll be piecing together my friendships to figure out the true meaning. Or I’ll just take a nap.


  1. Deep post! Were you upset with some friends when you wrote this? I feel like there is a sort of annoyed tone in this post. I like the "categories" so to say that you said but sometimes I feel like people think too much. You're friends with who you're friends for many different reasons but really what it comes down to, I think, is there are ones you can count on and ones you cant. The insert from jibjab says it all

  2. I get what your saying believe me and you are right with the idea that there are" ones you can count on and ones you cant" but in all honestly why do we, as in everyone, even keep friends that can't be counted on? Because logicial that makes no sense. You wouldn't keep a phone if it was broken or shoes if they wre scuffed (even though that doesnt happen to us lol) but thats why I said maybe friendship aren't meant to be explained.

  3. AHAHAHAH NO WAY ARE OUR SHOES EVER SCUFFED! ITS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE lol but im sayin its not like you just stop being cool with them cause you wouldnt call them if you had a flat tire its just you're cool with them you just don't rely on them

  4. true true i can dig what you're saying 100% and we're both right. I'm just coming at it from a more thinking indepth level and your approaching it at a more realistic level. however, I do agree with the points you made.