Saturday, May 15, 2010


When he said Thank me later he meant LATER. People, we have a release date. I mean a real one and I may be late posting the news but I’m selfish and I didn’t want to share. So what? Anyways, June 15 I will be sitting outside of some music establishment waiting to pick up the MUCHHHH anticipated album from the man himself, Drake. Actually I’m going to try and preorder it cause if I go to best buy and it’s sold out; I don’t even want to think about it. I’ve been a drake fan since he was rocking the baby fro, hooping and smashing Ashley on Degrassi, pre wheelchair. So I’m not new to drake and I’m not going into detail about how I’ve know about this cat for years. What I will say is its about damn time. Those of us who have been riding with drake since “City is Mine” and can remember the first time drake ever said “Nigga” have been waiting for this moment FOR-EV-ER. So to tide you over till this momentous date arrives, we're gonna go through some of my personal favorite Drake songs.

"Where Girls Become Exes From Summer's Caught Ho'in"

Everyone knows winter is that "boo-lovin, cakin, let me get a cuddle buddy" weather but as soon as the "fast ass, hoe creatin, aint gone tie me own" season aka Summer hits, realtionship deace to exist. Drake plays out this type of scenerio in "Come Winter."

"Cause I just see my ex-girl, Standing with my next girl, Standing with the girl that i'm fuckin right now."

Honestly did you really think that I wasn't going to have this on here. The whole inspiration for my website came from this song.  if you can't Say Whats Real, what can you do? Nothing.

"Especially when the lights so bright and the money so right. And it's comin' in every single night. She don't wanna leave, she just stuck in.."

SO despite the fact that probably everyone thinks this song is about stripping, the underlining meaning tells the story of a girl trying to make better for herself. You think she wants to strip? Hell No, but she's has too, moneys good and its going to get her out of "Houstalantavegas" and on to where she wants to be eventually. Story of my life minus the stripping element.

"I'm more than just an option, Hey, Hey, Hey"

With the production from the undeniable talented Kanye, this records goes TOO hard. The beat will make you catch yourself thinking you can dance reggae. A fast relationship record that everyone can relate to. You know we've all though "I Just gotta see that person, one more time." I honestly have to say this is one of my favorite Drake songs and not just because for a split second in the video I caught Drake trying to groove in the studio.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friends, how many of us have them?? really.

Lets get straight to the point.  WTF is a friend these days? Why do we gravitate to the people we call “friends”? Is it because we share similarities or is it because our differences fill the voids for each other? Is it because we genuinely care about them as a friend or is it the friendship has become so routine that not being their friend that we can’t imagine not being friends with them?  Are they the ones who will do anything to make sure we have fun, like peer pressure you into taking drugs just to make the night one to remember, (btw all of these questions also apply to relationships but that’s another entry for another day. maybe not the last one. or may so, stranger shit has happened.) Recently I feel as though the question of long lasting friendships have come up. I love my friends and when I say friends I don’t mean the people who text me once a month asking a random question, the ones who shout” I MISS YOU” on Facebook or twitter but won’t answer my text messages or the ever so often acquaintances. I’m talking about that genuine, true blue, “Girl I’m with you if they get you they get me!” Rihanna G4L style friends. Lately I’ve encountered a couple different friends.

The “Distance Friend” this is the friend that when you two are 4000 miles away there all about missing you. That is until you get home. Then they’re GHOST until you leave again and the cycle continues. Rinse wash and repeat style.

The “Its always us” friend. this is the friend that when it comes down to it, you two always end up together not even by choice, not that it matters cause you know at the end of the day it’s going to be you. Because of this you and this friend end up in the most random predicaments, once again not that it matters because you know that’s going to happen too.

The “Exempt from friend rules” friend. This is the friend that you can talk to in January and not talk to again till mid march and it’s like you never stopped talking. You and this friend are usually on two different paths in life so you excuse each other from the regular rules of friendship because you understand they have way different shit going on than you.

Lastly the “Why are we even friends?” friend. Exactly what the title of this friendship is. You have no reason why your friends with them but you just are. Not saying there is anything wrong with being there friend its just you don’t really have a reason why you guys are friends.

Is friendship is one of those unexplainable life mysteries that were never going to know the answer??? Perhaps. Maybe we just gravitate towards the people we are friends with just because. No rhyme or reason, you and I are just friends because we are. Maybe that’s the bottom line with friendships. When someone figures it out let me know, until then I’ll be piecing together my friendships to figure out the true meaning. Or I’ll just take a nap.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Every 9 ½ minutes someone is infected with AIDS.

Stop and reread the title of this entry for a minute. Think about that. In the same amount of time it takes to play roughly two Jay-z song, pop 3 bags of popcorn or walk to class someone becomes infected with AIDS. Unreal isn’t it? Recently I attended the iKnow summit at CAU with BET correspondent Jeff Johnson, (who by the way is one of the nicest men I’ve ever met), singer Lyfe Jennings and fellow singer Jeremih. The summit also featured doctors and a woman who was infected with the disease about 7 years ago (forgive me for not remembering the name, my notes got erased!) Informative indeed, the iKnow campaign is to promote not only being sexually safe, but sexually smart. Crime, poverty and violence are always the main topics when it comes to discussing safety but people forget the safety of knowing your sexual status. Getting tested for HIV/AIDS is one of the most important things we as young people can do to protect ourselves. While abstinence is the only way to fully protect you from contracting diseases, the reality is that sex is a part of life and there is no way to stop people from having sex. So what the iKnow campaign is doing is making is so people are more aware of the importance of getting tested.

 Now I know this is something that has been beaten into our head for years and no one ever thinks that they will ever contract something but let’s throw out a few statistics. More than 1 million people in the United States are living with HIV. African Americans make up only 12% of that population, but almost half of all new HIV infections are African Americans. Young African Americans still continue to have some of the highest rates of HIV in the United States. By talking about HIV/AIDS, we can stop the spread of the virus in the Black community. So get tested, your life depends on it.

For more information on getting tested, statistics and about HIV/AIDs
Facebook: iKnow
Text iknow to 44144

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greatest Highlights Ever (not the ones in her hair.)

Gather a group of guys who are all completely different and stick them in a room. I can already tell you the 3 thing that they will talk about without knowing who they are. Sex, Females and Sports. We’re going to keep it PG and stick to talking about sports for this entry. I wanted to write another sports entry because as anyone who knows me knows my ultimate goal is to become a sports writer. (So if anyone from ESPN is reading this, CALL ME.) Anyways, I thought about going into detail about the recent All Star game that happened this past weekend, sort of like I did for Super bowl 40. However I quickly realized, via Facebook and Twitter that everyone with cable had already knew what happened. So instead I decided to do something a little different. From hanging out guys for the majority of my existence, I notice that when they are talking about sports highlight tapes come up a lot. To prove my point even further, while over Morehouse this past weekend watching the Pitt vs WVU game, the guys there proceeded to watch Kevin Garnets highlight tape. This sparked the idea for this entry. I thought about picking my personal favorite, (Kobe. Call me bias or naïve, but I love that Laker) but I figure I’d let someone else do the work this time. So I asked a few guys from my hometown to tell me what athlete they felt has the best college or high school highlight tape.                                          

 Reggie Bush USC
Reggie Bush has the best and most remarkable highlight reel, most notably, from his time at USC. He did things as a running back in college never seen before; in his own right he revolutionized the running back position at the college level. I highly doubt you can find anything else on anyone's highlight tape that can compare or surpass what he did on his highlight tape from his days at USC.  
          -Jordan Madison.
Jordan and I have known each other for a LONG time. I met Jordan a long time ago when we were both dating people, who's names shall never be mentioned. He also shares a love for the group Paramore, so he's always cool in my eyes.

                                                                                    Cody Paul
THEE illest highlight tape of all time!!!
Here are the reasons:
1.He was like 9 at the time. (Actually 12 but we'll go with 9).
2. There were so many hospital visits after this video because of the hurting ankles of youngsters.
4. He was doing this to black kids.
Sure he's a little kid but really he was getting off. This is the best running I have ever seen from a kid this age and that's real!!

-Nick Edwards
If you haven't noticed yet, I have a lot of Nick's in my life. This one honestly, doesn't really need explanation. I've know Nick for years now ever since he used to pick on me when we road the same bus in elementary and not much as changed since then.
  Adrian Peterson isn't called a freak for no reason. In high school, he made those kids look like they shouldn't even be in the same area code as him let alone of the field. College, same story different level. He's not just a proven college player either, as he is a proven elite NFL running back (unlike Reggie Bush). He can run through you, around you, past you and make you look like an idiot rather than an athlete. My case is closed.
                                                                         -Kevin Majzlik
Had it not been for Facebook and Day 26, I would have never known this next guy, which would be a huge shame. Kevin is not only one of my favorite people but one of the funniest guys I know. We also had a brief "inerracial relationship"which ended badly due to a skating rink, don't ask.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I would give one of my ovaries to be in Miami right now. Literally, I would… Anyways if you weren’t one of the millions of people watching I’ll break it down the best I can. Jay-z + Run This Town + The Rutgers Symphony = AMAZING. Queen Latifah was eh, sorry girl but it wasn’t moving. However Carrie Underwood, I am in love her voice. Tony Romo, eat your heart out. I’m going to cheer Saints, since my team isn’t in it. (Next year Steelers.) The Saint maybe a young team but they have heart and I’m always Team Kardashian. What? Just because I love football doesn’t mean I’m not still a girl. Anyways I’ll root for almost anyone who’s pinned as the underdog. However Pierre Garçon is gorgeous and the Colts are an impressive team.

SIDENOTE: Can I just say that when I say the McDonalds Commercial with Lebron James and Dwight Howard I drooled a little (maybe a lot).

1ST: Saints come out winning the coin toss. McAfee kicks 68 yards to the Saints but the Colts en up retrieving the ball back anyways. Both teams go back and forth with the ball for a little until Stover completes a 38 yard Field Goal Drive for the first score of the game. With 36 seconds left in the first quarter Payton Manning passes to Garçon for 19 yards scoring the first touchdown of the game.
Saints- 0 Colts - 10

2ND: Already we have a penalty on Phillip Wheeler for unnecessary roughness. Roughness is never unnecessary in my book, but that a whole different blog entry. Saints with the ball slowly making progress down the field with short passes thrown by Brees until Brees is sacked -7 yards by Dwight Freeney. Garrett Hartley of the Saints kicks 71 yards to score 3 points. The Saint still with the ball and making progression towards a touchdown until they receive a 5 yard penalty for a false start. Saint get so close to their first touchdown with Thomas at right end but no gain thus giving Colts control of the ball followed by two timeouts within ten seconds called by Saints. McAfee punts to New Orleans with Reggie Bush going 4 yards. With 5 second left in the second quarter, Brees throws Bush followed by Hartley kicking a 44 yard field goal scoring the Saints 3 more points. I really hope this is not going to be a game of field goal scores for the Saints.  Saints-6 Colts-10

HALF TIME: The Who performed and about all I have to say. If you’re a fan of them I’m sure you liked it. The special effects and them singing “Who are you?” were best parts. Now if they would have had the Cast of CSI come out dancing in sequin outfits, THEN it would have been a show. The halftime shows have been so boring to me ever since Janet and her wardrobe malfunction shut it down. YouTube it if you REALLY want to see it.

3RD: Starting of with a bang already, YES! Beginnign fo the thrid quarter Brees throws to Thomas at the 20 enabling Thomas to score the first touchdown of the game for the Saints followed by Hartley with the kick being good. Payton Manning throwing a deep pass to Dallas Clark but followed by the next pass to Clark being incomplete. Jospeh Addai comes out 4 yard with a touchdown followed by Stover with the extra point. Just when you think the Saints are about to take over this quarter, Manning pulls out these amazing to Clark and proves why he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. After a whole of back and forth, Hartley pull out a 47 yard field goal making his third successful field goal over 40 yards this game.
Saints-16 Colts-17

4TH: Fourth Quarter: Colts start this quarter with the ball and mannign throwing passes to Wayne, Addai, Collie and Garçon. After an incomplete pass to Collie, Stover kicking a no good 51 yard field wide left. Brees throwing passes to P. Thomas, D. Thomas, Henderson and Bush. Brees throwing accuracy has become a key element in the Saint winning. Brees pass to Jeremy Shockey for 2 yards scoring the second touchdown followed by a failed two-point conversion attempt between Brees and Lance Moore. Looked complete to me, but hey I’m just a spectator. Scratch that, I’m not just a spectator it WAS complete. 2 point for me. Colts back with ball and ultimately Manning with an incomplete pass to Collie causing Anthony Hargrove of the Saints to get injured during the play. Then out of nowhere comes with the intercept by 74 yards, scoring the Saints yet another TOUCHDOWN! Easily the most exciting part of this game, point blank. Then with their last attempt to turn the game around the Colts drop the ball, literally. The Saints come out with their FIRST ever win in the Franchise’s history.

Final Score: Saints- 31 Colts-17

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Affair With Footwear

With this blog I not only want to showcase my ideas, thought, and opinions but I want to also use it as an outlet to showcase the talents of others. Recently I blogged about my love, or obsession, for sneakers. When I was coming up with the idea for that specific blog entry, I thought about a friend of mine who I knew would be a perfect candidate to feature in a related story. Nick Aziz is a current sophomore student at Morehouse College who is trying to change the way that people view shoes. I meet Aziz my freshman year of college at CAU. He stayed in Graves Hall and I stayed in Bumstead. For those of you who are not part of the AUC and wouldn’t understand the association between the two dorms, I'll explain. We received "brothers' and "sisters" from other dorms on our own and other campuses at a social held at the beginning of the semester. Aziz was Lindy Pitt's, a friend of mine from CAU, Morehouse brother. After a growing friendship, Aziz introduced me to Love Affair With Footwear. Love Affair With Footwear is the vision of Aziz geared toward sneaker-heads, like myself. Aziz is one of the few guys that I know who actually has a dream, a plan and is taking action to make sure that his vision becomes a success. I wanted to feature Aziz because I have a lot of faith and respect for what he is doing with LAWF and what it will become. With 2010 starting, I knew that he had big plans for LAWF. I recently interviewed Aziz on what he has in store for the movement that is LAWF. 

What was the inspiration behind LAWF?

   My shoe collection is/was the inspiration behind LAWF. I would constantly be having people come to my room and ask “Why do you have so many shoes?” I’d always respond by saying, “I just have a love affair with footwear.” The more I said that, the more I thought about what I was saying. One night I just started brainstorming and realized what I could turn it into. I developed a 10 year plan in my head in like one night (lol)

How long have you had the vision for LAWF and how has it evolved since the start up?

   The actual vision for LAWF has been with me since my freshman year (last year). I have always had the dream, no matter what my actual profession, to open a high end sneaker store. I have just always thought that would be a nice little side gig to have aside from my actual career. That is my ultimate dream for LAWF. Right now it is a “unique lifestyle blog and clothing company.” I want it to eventually be a high end sneaker store that sells sneakers and apparel; along with LAWF apparel of course (lol).

What is the meaning behind the "Unfaithful eyes" and the "Monogamy Blows" logo?

   The “unfaithful eyes” design is used to signify those who are having an affair; in this case a Love Affair With Footwear. But the eyes are meant to have a cautious look and feel to them; like somebody who is cheating. The “monogamy blows” phrase/logo is basically saying that being committed to ONE is not the move. If you only have one, you are monogamous. If you are having a Love Affair With Footwear, you can’t be monogamous. Therefore….MONOGAMY BLOWS.

There are a lot of blog site out there geared towards sneakers such as Sneaker Files and Highsnobiety. What separates LAWF from other shoe based blog sites?

   I think what separates/will separate my blog from others is the feel that I am planning to implement with this new “REINVENTED “blog site. The previous blog was cool, and I’ve established a nice little following with it. But this new reinvented site will be so much better. It’s going to be way more personal and visual. I think the connection that viewers to my blog are about to see and feel will be nothing like what they feel when they visit sites like Sneaker Files and Highsnobiety. The lifestyle that will be portrayed and seen in this new reinvented blog will be one that my viewers will be able to relate to. And all of this will still be done with a focus around footwear. I am really excited about the potential.

Ten years from now, where do you see LAWF?

   10 years from now I see big things. I see LAWF apparel in sneaker boutiques. I see LAWF being worn by musicians and celebrities. I see the blog being one of the most recognizable blogs on the internet…point blank period.

What new ideas do you have in store for LAWF in 2010?

   LAWF 2010 should be huge. First the reinvented site will take us to a whole new level. I plan to use that to promote the apparel. We plan on re-releasing the Monogamy Blows tee ( men’s and women’s in limited quantities of course lol) for a one time super low price to celebrate the reinvented site. We plan to come out with a Fall Lookbook that will include men and women tees, a crewneck, a zip up hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt, and POSSIBLY girls booty shorts lol. I want to use 2010 to make Love Affair With Footwear a very recognizable name and brand. With the old blog, we were getting around 50-75 views per day. In 2010, I’d like to multiply that number by 10. This will be done by more posts per day which should keep people constantly checking the site. This could be a very big year. It is just a matter of execution. I feel confident in my team’s abilities though, so I will think it will be a very prosperous year for Love Affair With Footwear.

For more information on LAWF:
Facebook: Nick Aziz
                    Love Affair With Footwear
Twitter: @oOLawfLadOo

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thats like on Drumline right?!?

Battle of the Bands. WOW. When I tell you I love Atlanta, I LOVE ATLANTA. Let’s recap it from the beginning. Mind you we were almost late, not my fault I do NOT run on CP time. We walk into the Georgia Dome to a sea of people doing the wave actually. The one
thing my roommate had been talk about since we bought our tickets, and we missed it. So I go buy some overprices nachos, $6 to be exact and take my seat. Now about our seats. I might as well have a tuba in my hand and a band uniform on cause we were that close to the field. All I could think when I sat in my seat was “Man I wish this was a football game instead.” Not because I was bored but because the seats were that good. So first up is The Illustrious Clark Atlanta University. As much as Clark gets on my nerves when it comes to $$$ and 99 other problems at that school, we go hard for Clark. I was so proud of our band for holding their own. Shout out to Maya them Cymbals! The other teams came out and there were definitely some high points, like the 4 boys from Southern University who sang Boyz II Men’s End of the Road. I DIED in my seat. But anyways, after that Ludacris performed, which was exciting of course. What was even better was that he forgot the words to the second verse of “How Low” I died for a second time. So then the other set of teams, who all did great in their own right. But then there was FAMU. FAMU shut it down. They came out with what looked like about 4 million people. They were about absolutely amazing and definitely the show stealers. So after that performance there was a Michael Jackson tribute, of course, and that was the end of it. We ended off the night with a Marta ride back with and accompaniment from this crazy lady who talked about “PEOPLE DON’T HAVE THE EQUILIBRIUM TO HAVE SELF-ESTEEM.” Uhhhhhhh, Im going to just end this blog with that.