Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thats like on Drumline right?!?

Battle of the Bands. WOW. When I tell you I love Atlanta, I LOVE ATLANTA. Let’s recap it from the beginning. Mind you we were almost late, not my fault I do NOT run on CP time. We walk into the Georgia Dome to a sea of people doing the wave actually. The one
thing my roommate had been talk about since we bought our tickets, and we missed it. So I go buy some overprices nachos, $6 to be exact and take my seat. Now about our seats. I might as well have a tuba in my hand and a band uniform on cause we were that close to the field. All I could think when I sat in my seat was “Man I wish this was a football game instead.” Not because I was bored but because the seats were that good. So first up is The Illustrious Clark Atlanta University. As much as Clark gets on my nerves when it comes to $$$ and 99 other problems at that school, we go hard for Clark. I was so proud of our band for holding their own. Shout out to Maya them Cymbals! The other teams came out and there were definitely some high points, like the 4 boys from Southern University who sang Boyz II Men’s End of the Road. I DIED in my seat. But anyways, after that Ludacris performed, which was exciting of course. What was even better was that he forgot the words to the second verse of “How Low” I died for a second time. So then the other set of teams, who all did great in their own right. But then there was FAMU. FAMU shut it down. They came out with what looked like about 4 million people. They were about absolutely amazing and definitely the show stealers. So after that performance there was a Michael Jackson tribute, of course, and that was the end of it. We ended off the night with a Marta ride back with and accompaniment from this crazy lady who talked about “PEOPLE DON’T HAVE THE EQUILIBRIUM TO HAVE SELF-ESTEEM.” Uhhhhhhh, Im going to just end this blog with that.

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