Saturday, January 30, 2010

True Life :I'm A Shoe Addict Pictures, Images and Photos
I’ve never been one of those girly-girl types. When I was growing up I wore oversized t-shirts, I grew out of that Barbie doll phase real quick and I despised the color pink. I didn’t do the colored beads and what not cause my hair was going be sweated out by the end of recess. I played with all the boys growing up which is where I think my love of sneakers came from. I’ve always had a love for shoes. I know right what girl doesn’t. I was and still am a sneakers kind of girl. I can recall having a conversation with a friend of mine where I said, “I need to stop wearing sneakers and start wearing heels.” Why I said that, who the hell knows cause I'm not big a fan of heels or anything like that. I’m not breaking my ankle so some guy can look at me walking to class, no honey, sorry. But I just always loved sneakers. Growing up that was my thing. You might catch me in sweats with a white tee and my hair looking a mess but you could guarantee if I have on kicks, that they will be dope. I swear I’ve been in a billiondifferent brands of sneaker. I everything from had Reeboks to K-Swiss’s and Converses to New Balances. Member in 6th grade when Iverson came out with the Answer IVs came out? I had those, too. Then I hit high school and fell in love with Jordan’s. I can still remember the smell when I opened the Foot Locker box. They were the Air Jordan 14 (XIV) Retro Low’s in white, pacific blue and bright ceramic. [Excuse the colors; it’s the artist in me.] I still have those shoes to this day and I rarely wear them, maybe because of the sentimental value the shoe holds or cause I’m so worried about messing them up. From that day my love for Jordan’s transpired to an expensive (healthy) addiction. In high school when boyfriends bought their girlfriend bracelets and necklaces for Christmas, mine bought me Jordan’s. So lately I haven’t bought a pair of Jordan’s in almost a year and a half. GASP. I know, but it’s hard out here for a broke college student. But my love for shoes has never gone away and coming to Atlanta didn’t help it at all. Down here I’ve been exposed to shoes like Supras, the dopest Nikes you’ll ever see [Griffey’s, Air Max 95’s & 97’s, I could go on forever) Creative Recs, new balance MT580 and a whole different type of Asics, Asics x Patta Gel Lyte 3’s to be specific. Once I get some funds its, over. Damn I wish I got a refund check.


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