Thursday, January 28, 2010

"WHAT!! U got a blog"

I've never been big on blogs. Yeah, the girl who wants to be a journalist isn't big on blogs. I know right, go figure. So of course my luck, I had to make one for a class.  After being mad for about 3.56 seconds, I got over it. I had this mindset that "Oh I'm just going to do this real quick cause I have to." Wrong. I though this was going to be one more thing I did not feel like doing everyday. Also wrong. I thought I was going to cringe anytime I heard that we had to write another blog entry. Guess who's wrong once again.  I am falling in love with this blog quicker than I fell in love with my first pair of Jordans. Suprisingly, this is the second time this week thats happen to me. I broke down and got a twitter recently (follow me kids: @janae_andrews). I know, I know. I'm probably the last person in the world that didnt have a twitter, sue me. Alnyways, These are my thoughts, My words, My life. Welcome to Say Whats Real.

shoutout to D.Campbell for the intro title. Never know where your text message may end up.

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