Thursday, January 28, 2010

Race Roits: Where's the finishline?

As they say in The Wiz "HELLO WORLD". So I caught this film in class today called Kerner plus 40. Never heard of it? Don’t feel bad, neither had I. Let me inform you about it before I give you my opinion. The film deals mainly with the race riots of the 1960's. An event that we should all be familiar with despite the fact many are not. One part of the film that stuck out to me was when one of the white men being interview said "You can't report on something you don't know." This was basically directed toward why they do not go out and shot stories in non-white area. I think to say that is a completely idiotic statement. To me the man was basically making irrelevant excuses for why they do not head to black neighborhoods to report stories there. Last time I check news didn't have a color attached to it. MaybeI'm wrong? ..I highly doubt that. Call me naive if you'd like, doesn't bother me. But back to the movie. You could feel the pain through the voices of the black people who were being interviewed. I actually enjoyed the video surprisingly. I talk to my grandmother, (hey celetste!), about a lot of the racial issues that went on when she was my age so it will be interesting to mention this to her and see her insight. I think I understand why Prof. Estes-Sumpter wanted us to watch this film. As future black career holding individuals, we need to understand that outside of our support system, the world expects us to fail. The stereotypes have been places on us from day one, and I know you all know what I'm talking about. The more aware we are of what we will be up against when we graduate, the more ready we will be. The people in that movie would not have been successful African Americans if they the race riots and let what people said tear them down. Go against the odds and believe in yourself, despite what anyone else thinks.

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