Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Affair With Footwear

With this blog I not only want to showcase my ideas, thought, and opinions but I want to also use it as an outlet to showcase the talents of others. Recently I blogged about my love, or obsession, for sneakers. When I was coming up with the idea for that specific blog entry, I thought about a friend of mine who I knew would be a perfect candidate to feature in a related story. Nick Aziz is a current sophomore student at Morehouse College who is trying to change the way that people view shoes. I meet Aziz my freshman year of college at CAU. He stayed in Graves Hall and I stayed in Bumstead. For those of you who are not part of the AUC and wouldn’t understand the association between the two dorms, I'll explain. We received "brothers' and "sisters" from other dorms on our own and other campuses at a social held at the beginning of the semester. Aziz was Lindy Pitt's, a friend of mine from CAU, Morehouse brother. After a growing friendship, Aziz introduced me to Love Affair With Footwear. Love Affair With Footwear is the vision of Aziz geared toward sneaker-heads, like myself. Aziz is one of the few guys that I know who actually has a dream, a plan and is taking action to make sure that his vision becomes a success. I wanted to feature Aziz because I have a lot of faith and respect for what he is doing with LAWF and what it will become. With 2010 starting, I knew that he had big plans for LAWF. I recently interviewed Aziz on what he has in store for the movement that is LAWF. 

What was the inspiration behind LAWF?

   My shoe collection is/was the inspiration behind LAWF. I would constantly be having people come to my room and ask “Why do you have so many shoes?” I’d always respond by saying, “I just have a love affair with footwear.” The more I said that, the more I thought about what I was saying. One night I just started brainstorming and realized what I could turn it into. I developed a 10 year plan in my head in like one night (lol)

How long have you had the vision for LAWF and how has it evolved since the start up?

   The actual vision for LAWF has been with me since my freshman year (last year). I have always had the dream, no matter what my actual profession, to open a high end sneaker store. I have just always thought that would be a nice little side gig to have aside from my actual career. That is my ultimate dream for LAWF. Right now it is a “unique lifestyle blog and clothing company.” I want it to eventually be a high end sneaker store that sells sneakers and apparel; along with LAWF apparel of course (lol).

What is the meaning behind the "Unfaithful eyes" and the "Monogamy Blows" logo?

   The “unfaithful eyes” design is used to signify those who are having an affair; in this case a Love Affair With Footwear. But the eyes are meant to have a cautious look and feel to them; like somebody who is cheating. The “monogamy blows” phrase/logo is basically saying that being committed to ONE is not the move. If you only have one, you are monogamous. If you are having a Love Affair With Footwear, you can’t be monogamous. Therefore….MONOGAMY BLOWS.

There are a lot of blog site out there geared towards sneakers such as Sneaker Files and Highsnobiety. What separates LAWF from other shoe based blog sites?

   I think what separates/will separate my blog from others is the feel that I am planning to implement with this new “REINVENTED “blog site. The previous blog was cool, and I’ve established a nice little following with it. But this new reinvented site will be so much better. It’s going to be way more personal and visual. I think the connection that viewers to my blog are about to see and feel will be nothing like what they feel when they visit sites like Sneaker Files and Highsnobiety. The lifestyle that will be portrayed and seen in this new reinvented blog will be one that my viewers will be able to relate to. And all of this will still be done with a focus around footwear. I am really excited about the potential.

Ten years from now, where do you see LAWF?

   10 years from now I see big things. I see LAWF apparel in sneaker boutiques. I see LAWF being worn by musicians and celebrities. I see the blog being one of the most recognizable blogs on the internet…point blank period.

What new ideas do you have in store for LAWF in 2010?

   LAWF 2010 should be huge. First the reinvented site will take us to a whole new level. I plan to use that to promote the apparel. We plan on re-releasing the Monogamy Blows tee ( men’s and women’s in limited quantities of course lol) for a one time super low price to celebrate the reinvented site. We plan to come out with a Fall Lookbook that will include men and women tees, a crewneck, a zip up hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt, and POSSIBLY girls booty shorts lol. I want to use 2010 to make Love Affair With Footwear a very recognizable name and brand. With the old blog, we were getting around 50-75 views per day. In 2010, I’d like to multiply that number by 10. This will be done by more posts per day which should keep people constantly checking the site. This could be a very big year. It is just a matter of execution. I feel confident in my team’s abilities though, so I will think it will be a very prosperous year for Love Affair With Footwear.

For more information on LAWF:
Facebook: Nick Aziz
                    Love Affair With Footwear
Twitter: @oOLawfLadOo

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