Sunday, February 7, 2010


I would give one of my ovaries to be in Miami right now. Literally, I would… Anyways if you weren’t one of the millions of people watching I’ll break it down the best I can. Jay-z + Run This Town + The Rutgers Symphony = AMAZING. Queen Latifah was eh, sorry girl but it wasn’t moving. However Carrie Underwood, I am in love her voice. Tony Romo, eat your heart out. I’m going to cheer Saints, since my team isn’t in it. (Next year Steelers.) The Saint maybe a young team but they have heart and I’m always Team Kardashian. What? Just because I love football doesn’t mean I’m not still a girl. Anyways I’ll root for almost anyone who’s pinned as the underdog. However Pierre Garçon is gorgeous and the Colts are an impressive team.

SIDENOTE: Can I just say that when I say the McDonalds Commercial with Lebron James and Dwight Howard I drooled a little (maybe a lot).

1ST: Saints come out winning the coin toss. McAfee kicks 68 yards to the Saints but the Colts en up retrieving the ball back anyways. Both teams go back and forth with the ball for a little until Stover completes a 38 yard Field Goal Drive for the first score of the game. With 36 seconds left in the first quarter Payton Manning passes to Garçon for 19 yards scoring the first touchdown of the game.
Saints- 0 Colts - 10

2ND: Already we have a penalty on Phillip Wheeler for unnecessary roughness. Roughness is never unnecessary in my book, but that a whole different blog entry. Saints with the ball slowly making progress down the field with short passes thrown by Brees until Brees is sacked -7 yards by Dwight Freeney. Garrett Hartley of the Saints kicks 71 yards to score 3 points. The Saint still with the ball and making progression towards a touchdown until they receive a 5 yard penalty for a false start. Saint get so close to their first touchdown with Thomas at right end but no gain thus giving Colts control of the ball followed by two timeouts within ten seconds called by Saints. McAfee punts to New Orleans with Reggie Bush going 4 yards. With 5 second left in the second quarter, Brees throws Bush followed by Hartley kicking a 44 yard field goal scoring the Saints 3 more points. I really hope this is not going to be a game of field goal scores for the Saints.  Saints-6 Colts-10

HALF TIME: The Who performed and about all I have to say. If you’re a fan of them I’m sure you liked it. The special effects and them singing “Who are you?” were best parts. Now if they would have had the Cast of CSI come out dancing in sequin outfits, THEN it would have been a show. The halftime shows have been so boring to me ever since Janet and her wardrobe malfunction shut it down. YouTube it if you REALLY want to see it.

3RD: Starting of with a bang already, YES! Beginnign fo the thrid quarter Brees throws to Thomas at the 20 enabling Thomas to score the first touchdown of the game for the Saints followed by Hartley with the kick being good. Payton Manning throwing a deep pass to Dallas Clark but followed by the next pass to Clark being incomplete. Jospeh Addai comes out 4 yard with a touchdown followed by Stover with the extra point. Just when you think the Saints are about to take over this quarter, Manning pulls out these amazing to Clark and proves why he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. After a whole of back and forth, Hartley pull out a 47 yard field goal making his third successful field goal over 40 yards this game.
Saints-16 Colts-17

4TH: Fourth Quarter: Colts start this quarter with the ball and mannign throwing passes to Wayne, Addai, Collie and Garçon. After an incomplete pass to Collie, Stover kicking a no good 51 yard field wide left. Brees throwing passes to P. Thomas, D. Thomas, Henderson and Bush. Brees throwing accuracy has become a key element in the Saint winning. Brees pass to Jeremy Shockey for 2 yards scoring the second touchdown followed by a failed two-point conversion attempt between Brees and Lance Moore. Looked complete to me, but hey I’m just a spectator. Scratch that, I’m not just a spectator it WAS complete. 2 point for me. Colts back with ball and ultimately Manning with an incomplete pass to Collie causing Anthony Hargrove of the Saints to get injured during the play. Then out of nowhere comes with the intercept by 74 yards, scoring the Saints yet another TOUCHDOWN! Easily the most exciting part of this game, point blank. Then with their last attempt to turn the game around the Colts drop the ball, literally. The Saints come out with their FIRST ever win in the Franchise’s history.

Final Score: Saints- 31 Colts-17

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