Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greatest Highlights Ever (not the ones in her hair.)

Gather a group of guys who are all completely different and stick them in a room. I can already tell you the 3 thing that they will talk about without knowing who they are. Sex, Females and Sports. We’re going to keep it PG and stick to talking about sports for this entry. I wanted to write another sports entry because as anyone who knows me knows my ultimate goal is to become a sports writer. (So if anyone from ESPN is reading this, CALL ME.) Anyways, I thought about going into detail about the recent All Star game that happened this past weekend, sort of like I did for Super bowl 40. However I quickly realized, via Facebook and Twitter that everyone with cable had already knew what happened. So instead I decided to do something a little different. From hanging out guys for the majority of my existence, I notice that when they are talking about sports highlight tapes come up a lot. To prove my point even further, while over Morehouse this past weekend watching the Pitt vs WVU game, the guys there proceeded to watch Kevin Garnets highlight tape. This sparked the idea for this entry. I thought about picking my personal favorite, (Kobe. Call me bias or na├»ve, but I love that Laker) but I figure I’d let someone else do the work this time. So I asked a few guys from my hometown to tell me what athlete they felt has the best college or high school highlight tape.                                          

 Reggie Bush USC
Reggie Bush has the best and most remarkable highlight reel, most notably, from his time at USC. He did things as a running back in college never seen before; in his own right he revolutionized the running back position at the college level. I highly doubt you can find anything else on anyone's highlight tape that can compare or surpass what he did on his highlight tape from his days at USC.  
          -Jordan Madison.
Jordan and I have known each other for a LONG time. I met Jordan a long time ago when we were both dating people, who's names shall never be mentioned. He also shares a love for the group Paramore, so he's always cool in my eyes.

                                                                                    Cody Paul
THEE illest highlight tape of all time!!!
Here are the reasons:
1.He was like 9 at the time. (Actually 12 but we'll go with 9).
2. There were so many hospital visits after this video because of the hurting ankles of youngsters.
4. He was doing this to black kids.
Sure he's a little kid but really he was getting off. This is the best running I have ever seen from a kid this age and that's real!!

-Nick Edwards
If you haven't noticed yet, I have a lot of Nick's in my life. This one honestly, doesn't really need explanation. I've know Nick for years now ever since he used to pick on me when we road the same bus in elementary and not much as changed since then.
  Adrian Peterson isn't called a freak for no reason. In high school, he made those kids look like they shouldn't even be in the same area code as him let alone of the field. College, same story different level. He's not just a proven college player either, as he is a proven elite NFL running back (unlike Reggie Bush). He can run through you, around you, past you and make you look like an idiot rather than an athlete. My case is closed.
                                                                         -Kevin Majzlik
Had it not been for Facebook and Day 26, I would have never known this next guy, which would be a huge shame. Kevin is not only one of my favorite people but one of the funniest guys I know. We also had a brief "inerracial relationship"which ended badly due to a skating rink, don't ask.

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