Saturday, May 15, 2010


When he said Thank me later he meant LATER. People, we have a release date. I mean a real one and I may be late posting the news but I’m selfish and I didn’t want to share. So what? Anyways, June 15 I will be sitting outside of some music establishment waiting to pick up the MUCHHHH anticipated album from the man himself, Drake. Actually I’m going to try and preorder it cause if I go to best buy and it’s sold out; I don’t even want to think about it. I’ve been a drake fan since he was rocking the baby fro, hooping and smashing Ashley on Degrassi, pre wheelchair. So I’m not new to drake and I’m not going into detail about how I’ve know about this cat for years. What I will say is its about damn time. Those of us who have been riding with drake since “City is Mine” and can remember the first time drake ever said “Nigga” have been waiting for this moment FOR-EV-ER. So to tide you over till this momentous date arrives, we're gonna go through some of my personal favorite Drake songs.

"Where Girls Become Exes From Summer's Caught Ho'in"

Everyone knows winter is that "boo-lovin, cakin, let me get a cuddle buddy" weather but as soon as the "fast ass, hoe creatin, aint gone tie me own" season aka Summer hits, realtionship deace to exist. Drake plays out this type of scenerio in "Come Winter."

"Cause I just see my ex-girl, Standing with my next girl, Standing with the girl that i'm fuckin right now."

Honestly did you really think that I wasn't going to have this on here. The whole inspiration for my website came from this song.  if you can't Say Whats Real, what can you do? Nothing.

"Especially when the lights so bright and the money so right. And it's comin' in every single night. She don't wanna leave, she just stuck in.."

SO despite the fact that probably everyone thinks this song is about stripping, the underlining meaning tells the story of a girl trying to make better for herself. You think she wants to strip? Hell No, but she's has too, moneys good and its going to get her out of "Houstalantavegas" and on to where she wants to be eventually. Story of my life minus the stripping element.

"I'm more than just an option, Hey, Hey, Hey"

With the production from the undeniable talented Kanye, this records goes TOO hard. The beat will make you catch yourself thinking you can dance reggae. A fast relationship record that everyone can relate to. You know we've all though "I Just gotta see that person, one more time." I honestly have to say this is one of my favorite Drake songs and not just because for a split second in the video I caught Drake trying to groove in the studio.

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